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Dust in Bunnykill 2

"Eye for an eye" (Bunnykill 5.2)


Dust appeared in Bunnykill 2, Bunnykill 3 Vol. 2 as Android Dust, and Bunnykill 5.1-2. In Bunnykill 2 he wears a grey shirt and black shorts. In Bunnykill 5.1-2, He wears a purple wife-beater and black shorts. Dust is not exactly an assasin, but is a very skilled marksman and most a likely self trained fighter. He was even able to kill Smoke in Bunnykill 5.2. Like Snowball, he is very loyal to his friends He also very brave and does not back down from a fight. But he will cheat to win if he has to as shown in Bunnykill 2. (Though this may have been because in the storyline he was suposssed to be a gang leader.)

Bunnykill 2Edit

Bunnykill 2

Dust charges Snowball in his office.

In Bunnykill 2 Dust is the main antagonist. He is a carrot lord who is feuding with Dust over who's carrots are whos. Snowball decides to go on Smoke's side and target Dust. When the two meet, they immediatley battle each other. They appear to be evenely matched, but then Dust decides to pull out his uzi and try to shoot Snowball point blank. Snowball deflects the bullets and one of them hits Dust, Snowball then quickly stabs Dust and as soon as he drops his sword finishes him off.

Bunnykill 5.1Edit

Bunnykill5Part 2

Dust in Bunnykill 5.2.

In Bunnykill 5.1, Dust is injected with an unkown formula that would have made him loyal to Prof. Sludge if it had been completed. Since the formula was incomplete, he killed anyone, including Prof. Sludge. That got in his way of killing Snowball. He and Snowball fought for a very decent amount of time. But eventually Dust out matched Snowball, and killed him. Dust quickly came back to his senses afterwards and said "My Friend.... What have I done.... Someone must... PAY"

Bunnykill 5.2Edit

In Bunnykill 5.2, Dust chases down Smoke in an effort of revenge for injecting him with the formula. He eventually catches him and the two fight each other for a decent amount of time. Eventually, he kills Smoke and shortly after, kills Flint. For setting his friend Snowball up tells the one behind it all that he is coming for him.

Dust in Bunnykill 5.2.


  • Snowball - He and Snowball seem to be friendly rivals. In Bunnykill 2 he was an enemy of Snowball, but this was a different plot. In Bunnykill 5.1-2 he showed on multimple occasions that Snowball was his friend. Bunnykill 5.1-2 are also different plots. But it is probably a safe bet to assume they are friendly rivals.
  • Smoke - He and Smoke appear to be intense enemies. Espcially after the formula he injected in him made him kill his friend Snowball.


  • Dust did not appear in Bunnykill and Bunnykill 4.
  • Dust is the only character so far to use a gun/blade mix as a main weapon.
  • Dust likes revenge.
  • Dust has 70 accounted for kills in the Bunnykill series. (Which is 20% of the total kills in the series)
  • Dust is the only character to successfully kill Snowball.