Bunny Kill Smoke by Astrozerk04


"I've got a bullet just for you" (Bunnykill 5.2)


Smoke is the most recurring rival or enemy of Snowball in the Bunnykill series. He is a ruthless and highly trained assasin that does not care about anyone but himself. And will do anything to get the job done. He left Prof. Sludge for dead when he injected the incomplete formula in Dust. It is unkown though why he saved Snowball so many times in Bunnykill 3 Vol. 1-2. Maybe it was because he knew he could not take on Prof. Sludge on his own. Ironiclly in Bunnykill 5.1-2, he is hired to be the personal bodyguard of Prof. Sludge.



Smoke toys with Snowball by jumping on his head.

Smoke's first appeareance, he is the main antagonist. Smoke sends his soldiers to attack Snowball, but they are all killed. Smoke then encounters Snowball and battles him. Smoke seems to be easily handling him but is caught off guard when Snowball picked up a piece of his broken Katanna, and used it to slit his throat.

Bunnykill 3 Vol. 1Edit

Smoke is sent by his employer to kill Prof. Sludge. While on the Moon Fortress base, he encouters Snowball and realizes they are both after the same target. He even saves Snowball from being killed by one of the grunts. But Smoke does not like teamwork, so he goes one way and tells Snowball to go the other.

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Smoke and Snowball prepare to fight Android Dust.

Bunnykill 3 Vol. 2Edit

Smoke saves Snowball from the giant cyborg that is about to gun him down. Then the two work together together for a short period of time. But Smoke goes one way and tells Snowball to go the other. Smoke then again saves Snowball from the giant cyborg and the two rush to find Prof. Sludge. They find him and kill him, but he activated Android Dust. Android Dust fought Smoke and Snowball and eventually killed Smoke, but was killed by Snowball afterwards.

Bunnykill 5.1Edit

Smoke is hired as a Personal bodyguard by Prof. Sludge. When Snowball confronts them, Prof. Sludge put a glass wall infront of Snowball to stall him. Smoke knew he would break the glass soon, so he pushed Prof. Sludge out of the way and injected the incomplete Formula from the machine into Dust himself. After the injection, he ran to an elevator to get out of the room and left Prof. Sludge for dead.

Bunnykill 5.2Edit

Smoke is being chased by Dust in attempt for revenge for making him kill his friend Snowball. Dust goes through extreme lengths to get to him. Smoke eventually encounters Dust and the two have a very long and hard fought battle. In the end Dust kills Smoke and proceeds to find and kill the man responsible for his capture.


  • Martial Artist: Smoke's martial arts skills are far more superior to Snowball's as shown in Bunnykill.
  • Expert Marksmen: Smoke is highly skilled and expierenced in the use of any kind of weaponry.


  • 519

    Smoke and Snowball fighting grunts.

    Snowball - It is unknown if they are enemies or rivals, Smoke has helped Snowball in Bunnykill 3 Vol. 1-2. And they actually work very well together. but was completely against him in Bunnykill and Bunnykill 5.1.


  • Smoke did not appear in Bunnykill 2 or 4. (He did appear in Bunnykill 2, but it was not in person.)
  • Smoke has the title as "The Bad-ass" of Bunnykill.
  • Smoke was the first person to use the Giant Bunnies as Henchmen in the entire Bunnykill series.
  • Smoke has 8 accounted for kills in the Bunnykill series. (Which is 2% of the kills in the series)

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