0Sumo Samurai

The Sumo Samurai confronts Snowball.

"Grawr... GRAAARGH!!" (Bunnykill 4)

Sumo SamuraiEdit

The Sumo Samurai first appeared in Bunnykill 4 as Flint's personal guard. Unlike other Samurai, Sumo Samurai carry a giant flail and machete. They do however carry the Samurai flag with them. Although the Sumo Samurai was very strong, Snowball seemed to handle him pretty easy actually. Snowball did however take a deep breathe after the battle between him and the Sumo Samurai. But other than that the Sumo Samurai was too slow to really hurt Snowball.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Super Strength - The Sumo Samurai showed his super strength by being able to swing around his gigantic weapons with ease.
  • Giant - The Sumo Samurai are gigantic which is where they get there Super Strength.


  • The Sumo Samurai have white eyes.


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